What Clients Say About Law Offices of Daniel E. Bautista

“I was in an auto accident caused by another driver, and I suffered injuries to my back and neck. That driver’s insurance company said it was a low-impact collision and I could not possibly that injured. They offered me a settlement amount of $7,500.00. Daniel encouraged me to stay the course and to obtain the treatment I needed to properly recover, regardless of the insurance company’s position. I am glad I listened to him because I ultimately got relief from my pain, and I accepted a settlement in the amount of $250,000.00. I cannot believe the insurance company initially offered me $7,500.00, and they did it with a straight face.”

Michelle C.
Ventura, CA

“I was very satisfied with the settlement Daniel was able to obtain for my family and me. Although, after meeting Daniel, I cannot say that I was surprised by the outcome. He comes across as competent and confident and has a calming presence about him. What did surprise me was the communication Daniel maintained with me the entire time. Daniel was the attorney I first met with at the beginning of my case, he spoke with me frequently throughout, and he was the one who settled my case. I truly appreciate Daniel’s availability throughout my entire case.”

Brian S.
Thousand Oaks, CA